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The Holy Bible: Fact or Fiction?

The Bible: Fact or Fiction?
by Douglas S. Winnail
Is the Bible the inspired word of G0D or 
is it just a collection of myths & legends?
Most assume that modern scholarship has discredited the Bible,
but the facts of history - and the discoveries of archaeology - 
confirm it’s contents to be true.
The Bible recounts the past with amazing accuracy & 
it predicts the future like no other book!
Most of our world has been misled & misinformed about the Bible.
You need to know the truth & how it can affect your life! 
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The Holy Bible is a collection of books written through God's inspiration that is accepted by Christians as the Word of God. The word Bible comes from the Greek word for books 'biblia'. 
Since the Bible is the holiest book, the book of all books, it is called The Books of The Bible. 
Sometimes it is called Scripture, which means 'the writing', because nothing written surpasses it.

Symmetry of the Bible

Even though English-speakers usually think of the Bible as containing 66 books;
39 in the Old Testament + 27 in the New Testament,
the ancient Hebrew reckoning divided the Old Testament into 22 books. 
Therefore, you can see that the Bible consists of a canon of 49 books;
7 times 7 — a number used throughout Scripture to indicate completion. 
In turn, the 49 books could be classified into 7 subdivisions.


I. The Law
The 5 “Books of Moses” begin with the creation, 
& continue through the giving of the Law and 
the early history of the Israelites.

1. Genesis
2. Exodus
3. Leviticus
4. Numbers
5. Deuteronomy

II. The Prophets

The next 6 books contain accounts of, and
prophecies by, Hebrew prophets after Moses.

6. Joshua:Judges
7. Samuel:Kings
8. Isaiah
9. Jeremiah
10. Ezekiel
11. The 12 Minor Prophets

III. The Writings
Along with stories, songs, essays & poems,
the Writings include histories of God's people
from the Babylonian exile to the building of the second temple.

12. Psalms
13. Proverbs
14. Job
15. Song of Solomon
16. Ruth
17. Lamentations
18. Ecclesiastes
19. Esther
20. Daniel
21. Ezra-Nehemiah
22. Chronicles


IV. Jesus Establishes His Church
The 4 gospels and Acts recount Jesus
Christ’s birth, teaching, death & resurrection,
and describe the establishment & early
spread of the New Testament Church.

23. Matthew
24. Mark
25. Luke
26. John
27. Acts

V. The General Epistles
Church leaders originally addressed these
letters to the “general” Church membership,
rather than to any one congregation or individual.

28. James
29. 1 Peter
30. 2 Peter
31. 1 John
32. 2 John
33. 3 John
34. Jude

VI. The Pauline Epistles
The Apostle Paul wrote these letters to
congregations or anyone whom he served.

35. Romans
36. 1 Corinthians
37. 2 Corinthians
38. Galatians
39. Ephesians
40. Philippians
41. Colossians
42. 1 Thessalonians
43. 2 Thessalonians
44. Hebrews
45. 1 Timothy
46. 2 Timothy
47. Titus
48. Philemon

VII. The Prophecies
The Apostle John composed this mysterious
book so that Christians can comprehend
Church history & end-time events.

49. Revelation
Some Bibles has additional Old Testament books known as 'Apocrypha.' 
These are non-canonical texts, which are not considered inspired & cannot be relied upon for doctrine, but might occasionally be useful to explain points of history. They were composed after Malachi [the latest Old Testament book, the last of the 12 minor prophets], but before the New Testament. Some non-canonical texts written after Jesus’ resurrection are also called “Apocrypha”; these cannot be trusted for history or doctrine, and were in most cases written to promote agendas opposed to Jesus Christ’s actual teachings.

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