The Power of Prayers

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The Power of Prayers

Why does God ask us to pray?
Prayer shows our trust and faith in God
Prayers strengthens our faith & trust and lead us to heaven,
That is G0D’s goal.

Does God always answer your prayers?

What kind of things should you really pray for?
Can you ask God for anything at all?

How should I pray? What type words should I use?

Does God mind that you ask for worldly favours,
even though He might not say yes?

Should you pray to God; Jesus; or the Holy Spirit?

How will it be beneficial to pray for others,
especially after they are dead? .
Is it fair for you to influence their fate? .
If they are dead, are the books not closed?

Since God is infinitely good & compassionate, wouldn’t He
always show us the best way to salvation whether we pray or not?

Does ‘faith healing’ work, or is it fake?

Get the answer to all these prayer questions at:

Novena 3/04/2008

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