God’s Perfection

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God’s Perfection

The Earth’s size is perfect.
The Earth’s size & corresponding gravity holds
a thin layer of mostly nitrogen & oxygen gases,
only extending about fifty miles above the Earth’s surface.
If our Earth were any smaller,
an atmosphere would not be possible, like the planet Mercury;
If Earth were bigger,
its atmosphere would contain free hydrogen, like Jupiter;
Earth is the only known planet equipped with an atmosphere
of the right mixture of gases to sustain plant, animal & human life.

Our Earth is located the perfect distance from the sun. 
If the temperature swings we encounter,
roughly minus 30 degrees to +120 degrees.
If this Earth were any further away from the sun,
we would all freeze.
Any closer & we would burn up.
Even just a fractional variance in the Earth’s position
to the sun will make life on Earth impossible.
This Earth remains the perfect distance from the sun
while it rotates around the sun at a speed of about 67000 mph.
It is also rotating on its axis,
allowing the entire surface of the Earth
to be perfectly warmed & cooled every day.

Our moon is also the perfect size & distance from
the Earth for its gravitational pull.
The moon creates important ocean tides & movement
so ocean waters do not stagnate;
and yet our massive oceans are restrained
from spilling over across the continents. 

The human brain’s
complexity has a higher intelligence behind it.
The human brain simultaneously processes
an extraordinary amount of information.
Our brain takes in all the colours & objects you see,
the temperature around us,
the pressure of our feet against the floor, the sounds around us,
the dryness of our mouth, even the texture of our key-board.
Our brain holds & processes all our emotions,
thoughts & memories. At the same time our brain keeps track
of the ongoing functions of our body like your breathing pattern,
eye-lid movement, hunger & movement of the muscles in our hands.

The human brain processes more than 
one million messages per second

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