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When God blesses you with something, remember,
you have no right to keep it to yourself - You have to give it away!

The quickest way to die spiritually is to hoard your blessings.
God is looking for people He can trust with His blessings.

People who will arrive in heaven one day and say,
“Lord, I have spent every cent, every minute,
and every ounce of vision and energy You gave me-to bless others”

They are the ones who will hear the words,
“Well done, good servant!”[Mt 25:23] Will you be one of them?



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If you want to be like Jesus,forget about yourself
and live for others, for that’s what He did!

‘For even the Son of Man did not come to be served,
but to serve, and to gve His life as a ransom for many’
-Mk 10:45

Do not pray for a generous heart;
practice being generous and your heart will follow.
Become a sower, and God will give you more seed-[2Cor 9:10]
If He is not giving you all the seed you want,
it could be that you have not become a sower yet.

Learn to put others first
Make your life count.


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You will never SEE what God has for you if you are spiritually blind.
ask God to open your eyes to see what “CAN BE” instead of “WHAT IS”

Jesus said,
“Blessed is the pure in heart;
for they shall SEE God” Mt 5:8

What does it mean?
It means when you get close enough to Him,
you will see Him at work in spite of the circumstances;
You will see His supply instead of your shortage;
You will see His faithfulness in spite of your frailty.

Once you see God in the situation,
you are no longer vulnerable to the circumstances because you know
that you are coming out as a conqueror - Ro 8:37


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“In quietness and trust is your strength” Isaiah 30:15

Quiet time is a precious commodity in this fast-paced noisy world.
TV is on, cellphone is ringing, computer is on, CD player is playing.
That is why the early morning hours are ideal for quiet time with God.
The morning is your chance to spend time with God before the world fully awakens.

To ready your heart & mind for a meaningful time of prayer,
adopt these 3 habits recommended by David Jeremiah.
Firrst, ANTICIPATE His presence.
God is coming to see you, his sole desire to spend time precious moments with you.
Second, ACKNOWLEDGE that God is now present, sitting next to you,
ready to listen to you and give you advice and direction.
Third, ACCLIMATE your mind, body and heart to receive and accept His Word.

When your heart, mind, & body have been readied, call upon the Holy Spirit to pray.
The Holy Spirit helps us align correctly to our heavenly Father.
Prayer is not just about you; it is about your prayer being connected
to the transformer of the Holy Spirit. Now your prayer can be powerful.

It is the connection that will transform your prayer to life.
Once you connect the power of your prayer will be awesome.
Once you have told Him everythingthat is on your mind,
make sure you spend some time LISTENING.
Open your ears and heart to what God has to say.
Prayer is personal and 2-way.
You have enterd into a new dimension of spirituality
when you are comfortable in His presence & do not feel obligated to talk.
Those who learn to ‘practice His presence’ have learn to ‘pray without ceasing’
[Thessalnians 5:17]
When I have my quiet times, I leave with God and prayer does not stop!

God always ready to help us seek peace & quiet in this hectic world.
So go to taht quiet place, remembering that when you pray,
He will listen. Once you have said “Amen” remain silent and listen,
for God is also ready to speak and to guide you through this life.
I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go” [Psalm 32:8]


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