168 Hours in one week, how many do you give to God?

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168 hours in one week, how many do you give to God?

Someday all that you will have is what you GAVE to the Lord.
– K.P. Yohanan




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B ecause
E mannual
L ives
E xpect
V ictory
E verytime



Only GOD can…

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Only GOD can turn
a MESS into… a MESSage
a TEST into… a TESTimony
a TRIal into… a TRIumph
a VICTim into… a VICTory
GOD is GOOD… all the time!



1 Cross + 3 Nails = 4given…

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CROSS = Christ Repented Our Sin Selflessly

Jesus built a bridge into Heaven with only 2 planks of wood & a few nails.

1 Cross + 3 Nails = 4given

I love you so much that I stretched out my arms upon a wooden cross,
was nailed there, and died for you.

Prayer Cross Deluxe White Gold Edition
Original As Seen on TV


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