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Revelations: Fact or Fiction?

Revelation Explained!
The book of Revelation is the last book of the new testament.  It is also called the revelation of St. John. However, it is really Jesus Christ words recorded by the apostle John. Revelation describe what lies soon to be terrible plagues & truly earth shattering events! It is God's time to reveal what lies ahead. 
He has a supreme Master Plan which involves every single human being. "None of the wicked will understand"[Daniel.12:10] because God will not reveal His plans to those who do not obey Him!

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"Staggering events will soon shock the entire world! 
Nothing that has happened over the last 6,000 yrs even remotely compare to what is yet to come.
PROPHECIES in the book of Revelation show how & when these catastrophic events will happen. 
This book has vital information that will forever change your outlook on the FUTURE. 
This stunning book of prophecy is opened, revealed & explained. At last!"

Summary of "Revelation Explained At Last!"

Christ the Revelator
The 7 churches messages
Before God's throne & the 24 elders
Christ unseals the prophecy

The seals are opened
1st seal - False Christs
2nd seal - War
3rd seal - Famine
4th seal - Disease
5th seal - The great tribulation
6th seal - Heavenly signs

Why God held back His Wrath
144,000 are sealed with the Fathers name.
12,000 from each of the 12 tribes of Israel.
Why God sends plagues

The 7 trumpet plagues
7th seal is opened

The 3 woes

Babylon's judgement

The wedding supper 

The 3 resurrections
1st - Christ 1,000 reign on earth
2nd & 3rd - The great white throne judgement

New heavens, earth, and Jerusalem!

Promises & Warnings
"Behold, I come quickly: Blessed is he that keeps the sayings of the prophecy of the book"

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.Bible Prophecy: The Final Events Video watch it now


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